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    Brand Connotation

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          Inherited luxury, elegance, freedom, heart, and infinitely sexy Zoran (JELLEND) to discerning selection of elegant style, perfect workmanship, interpretation of the "make-up tools leading brand" reputation. With years of industry experience, carefully crafted superior quality both humane operation of a full range of professional make-up tool, the complicated makeup process becomes the relaxed beautiful experience. By brand personality style and charm of emotional expression, Zoran perfect presents for every woman charm.

    LOGO connotation
          The overall design lines soft delicate, unique feminine charm virtually brought the United States enjoy the visual. Embellishment and extension of Zoran "" represents a unique symbol of the brand, a symbol of fashion brand advocate, grade, freedom blossoms beautiful attitude towards life.
    Beauty small language:
          Life pursuit and superior, because of their emphasis on beautiful. Despite a busy work violated the rhythm of "slow life" to stop and enjoy the beautiful, and should not become a luxury. Follow inner needs and guidelines, in a unique way, to create and outline an intriguing own. Perhaps in facial features casual glances; perhaps revealing gestures elegant; perhaps smile at customs million; instant let beauty sublimation!

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